Ode to the Dance Belt

So, as moms of three boys, we might not have imagined that we would ever attend a dance recital.  As it turns out, our eldest, Liam, has decided to take up the art of dance.  He recently auditioned and was accepted into the competitive program at a local dance studio after only a year of a recreational class.  We will all very excited and supportive of him…

Until the very daunting task of shopping for dance wear.  First of all, all of the local dance wear stores carry a large assortment of outfits- for girls.  The options for boys consist of tight pants and tight shorts, with both items possessing the same area for concern: the crotch.  As I quietly mentioned to the shop owner while Liam was in the change room that I was concerned about the length of the shirt, she introduced me to “the dance belt.”  Much like the athletic counterpart the dance belt is a softer, more elastic version of the jock.  After motioning to Liam about the areas of tightness in the shorts he was trying on, I tried my best to support his comfort, while having no personal experience or awareness of what it might be like to dance with “parts flying.”

I walked away from the store with shorts, leggings, a shirt and ballet slippers but came home to have a discussion with my wife about the issue of this “dance belt.”  She decided whole-heartedly he needed one, and so, without further adieu, I handed over the opportunity for her to have this discussion with Liam.

I believe her recount of the conversation is as follows.

“Liam, you need a dance belt.  It covers your parts and goes up the back.”

Liam: “Is it like a jock?”

“Yes, sort of.  But much softer.  You don’t want your parts flying around when you are dancing.”

Liam: “Ok….?”

Apparently he responded with the epitome of any teen who really didn’t care to discuss the protection of his parts with his mother. I supported this discussion with the acknowledgement to Liam that he needed to protect himself from other dancers’ knees.  It seemed appropriate at the time.

And, so the dance belt was purchased online, with a very cute “Boys dance too” t-shirt (www.boysdancetoo.com)

And so, we are about to venture into the world of competitive dance…for boys!